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Comprehension and Organization (Links To-K)

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[1983]:  Implications of Development through Alternation (Parts=8)

[1983]:  Development of Comprehension and Comprehension of Development (Parts=12)

[1983]:  Complexification of Integration (Parts=4)

[1983]:  Comprehension and Organization (Parts=2)

[1983]:  Further Constraints on Conceptual Container Design (Parts=3)

[1983]:  Threshold of Comprehensibility: a fourfold minimal system? (Parts=6)

[1983]:  Third Perspective (Parts=9)

[1983]:  Antagonistic Dualities: Polarization and Paradox (Parts=2)

[1983]:  Monopolarization (Parts=8)

[1983]:  Development through Alternation (Parts=4+Refs)

[1982]:  Alternation between Development Modes: Reinforcing dynamic conception through functional classification (Parts=21+Refs)