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Research themes and topics on the Laetus in Praesens site and this Kairos facility

NB: This page is under construction.
Most indications below refer directly to document checklists on this Kairos facility.
Those sub-topic checklists also offer access to the documents on the Laetus site.

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Topic groups Commentary Database (UIA)
Topic group: General overview exercises    
Governing civilization through civilizing governance    
Embodiment of Change: comprehension, traction and impact?    
Distinguishing emergent conceptual polarities    
Integrative Matrix of Human Preoccupations    
Beyond the Matrix: becoming otherwise [Laetus only]    
Alternative Approaches to Security: psychology of sustainability    
In Search of Transformational Pathways (1962-81)    
Topic group: Organizations and networks    
International organizations and associations   profiles
Civil society    
Networking, tensegrity, virtual organization    
Community, lifestyle, occupation    
Case study: Union of International Associations    
Topic group: Conferencing and dialogue    
Dialogue and transformative conferencing    
Topic group: Human development    
Human development and self-reflection comments profiles
Faith, religion and spirituality    
Human values and wisdom comments profiles
Existential engagement and embodiment    
Community, lifestyle, occupation    
Time: futures, present moment, history    
Topic group: Knowledge organization    
Diversity, variety, typology    
Knowledge organization and classification    
Systems, complexity, loops, maths    
Synthesis, transdisciplinarity and integration comments profiles
Topic group: Comprehension & communicability    
Comprehension and communicability    
Terrorism: the conceptual challenge    
Criticism, bias, dissent    
Topic group: Conceptual patterns    
Configurations and patterns profiles
Paradigm change, social transformation    
Alternation, dynamics, movement    
Polarization, dilemmas, duality    
Topic group: Knowledge presentation    
Visualization, presentation, mapping   visualizations
Metaphor for governance comments profiles
Identity through metaphor [Laetus only]    
Culture and aesthetics    
Topic group: Learning, experiments, patterns    
Learning, education    
Experiments, case studies, forms of presentation    
Experimental declarations    
Patterns of I Ching / Tao te Ching   profiles
Topic group: Strategy and governance    
Transformative approaches comments  
Global strategy and policy making comments profiles
Governance, democracy, participation, access    
Global and globalization    
Declarations, principles, guidelines    
Legal status, agreements, rights    
Topic group: Challenges, problems, issues    
World problems and strategic issues comments profiles
Collaboration on specific issues    
Conflict / Disputes / Territory    
Environment / Ecology / Biodiversity    
Climate change    
Overpopulation / Resource overshoot    
Health / Disease    
Sustainable development    
Community, lifestyle, occupation    
Topic group: Management & information systems    
Management of international organizations    
International information and documentation    
Software innovation and groupware    
International facilitation and empowerment    
Topic group: Musings    
Quests, questions and answers    
Musings, irresponsible and otherwise    
Experimental "poems" [Laetus only]    
Intent expressed in quotations [Laetus only]    
Topic group: Miscellaneous    
Uncompleted documents    
Undefined topic    
Resources [Laetus only]    
Resources, links [Laetus only]   biblio-org | biblio-prob | biography
Resources on international organization [Laetus only]   statistics

Main research themes are listed above. Selected documents may be downloaded from this site, as indicated. Much of the work has been conducted in response to opportunities created by work at the Union of International Associations (UIA). Such opportuntities notably included invitations to present papers to conferences. The papers presented do not necessarily reflect the views of that body, or any other, and should be considered as having been written in a personal capacity. The themes above also include topics that may have been very new when the papers were first written to address them and may continue to be of a cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral nature that makes it difficult for any particular authority to evaluate and authenticate the arguments. Many of the papers are also exploratory and speculative -- as part of a search for more creative ways to present complex arguments and challenges. Some are also highly controversial. See also: Chronological checklist for items that may not yet be well clustered by theme.

Specific studies frequently explore complex relationships between the above themes. Many of those focusing specifically on international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) were in the past published in the UIA journal Transnational Associations (possibly under its previous title of International Associations). Where appropriate, portions of other studies have also been reprinted in the extensive commentaries sections of the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (as indicated under the Commentary column). In addition to the Documents that are accessible from this site, the respective index pages also indicate relevant bibliographic refrences to earlier documents that may not yet be accessible from this site. Where work by Anthony Judge has given rise to a Database, or been inspired by it, the possibility of access to the data, hosted by the Union of International Associations, is indicated in the relevant column above. Note that prior to dissemination of such data over the web, it may also have been made available in hardcopy reference publications or CD-ROM under the direction of Anthony Judge.